October 17, 2016

What is the bear minimum you should be doing to protect your children in the digital era?

We have very little time to keep up to date with technology and it seems that our kids always have an edge on us. Still we do not want to be digital illiterate, do we?

Children intuitively use smartphones and they usually have a greater ability to manipulate these than most of us, so it is important to consider the following basic security measures:

  1. Set parental controls (restrictions) on the device used by the kid.
  2. Prevent the child from uninstalling any parental control apps you have installed (see how to prevent unwanted uninstallation).
  3. Enable automatic lock for iPad to request a passkey before being able to use the device.
  4. Restrict access via open Wi-Fi and disable Internet access when you are not using it.
  5. Keep your operating system version up-to-date to prevent fraudulent sites or ads from taking benefits from security flaws that are regularly discovered.
  6. Assign an App Store password to prevent the child from purchasing applications without permissions. (see how to disable In-App-Purchases).
  7. Activate Bluetooth only when you need to use it and disable it once you’re done.
  8. Pay attention to permissions you grant to applications you download because some of them geolocate the device and get access to the address book and the user’s photographs.

These are 8 basic but fundamental security measures for protecting our digital natives exposed to connected smartphones and tablets.

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