October 21, 2015

You kid uninstalled your brand new parental control app in a trice? You have to be smarter. Learn how.

If you have not set the iOS Restrictions in your Smartphone, anyone can delete apps like Kid Crono “inadvertently”. The restrictions are indispensable if you leave the iPod, iPad or iPhone out of reach of children. We already know how playful are our children and how they explore the world with their little fingers.

Deleting an app is very easy; you just have to press and hold the app’s icon for a couple of seconds. Then a small cross will appear in a grey circle on the upper-left corner of the icon. The app is gone if you tap the cross and confirm you want to delete it. Just like that! 

In order to recover a deleted app, you have to search it on the App Store through “Updates” from an iPhone or “Purchased” from an iPad. From there you can download all the apps ever bought and which are no longer available on the App Store.

How to prevent children from uninstalled apps?

To avoid children to uninstall parental control apps like Kid Crono on your Smartphone, first you must disable the option to delete apps on Restriction Settings as follows:

  1. Click on the Settings icon appleSettings
  2. Click on General
  3. Look for Restrictions and click on it
  4. Select Enable Restrictions. It will ask you for a four digit “secret” code. If your child gets the code, you’re lost.
  5. From the list managing the restrictions we recommend to disable:
    • Safari because many apps use this browser to link with ads
    • Installing Apps
    • Deleting Apps
    • In-App Purchases

Once you have set the Restrictions, if you try to delete an app, the cross inside the grey circle no longer appears so the program cannot be removed.

And so in five steps you have taken away future headaches. Easy, useful and fast right?

Please see this link for additional information on how to delete and recover any app (even ones removed from the App Store).


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