November 21, 2015

Did your child purchase a game or other item on the App Store believing it was free?

Kids are wonderful explorers. Have you noticed how they move their fingers across the screen touching any icon or images that catch their attention? They are always discovering and learning but sometimes they purchase apps “unintentionally”. Advertising immersed into most gaming apps are designed to attract people and it is extremely appealing for children to act them. Also many apps constantly seek to increase In-App purchases with promotional banners.

Therefore it is very important to setup the App Store restrictions in your smartphone. You haven’t done so? Here what you have to do to fix it now. 

In order to prevent children from making In-App purchases or downloading paid apps or removing any app you must setup the following restrictions on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Steps for preventing  App Store purchases

It will take two minutes doing so, your smartphone will be safer and you will live more relaxed.

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Click on General
  3. Look for Restrictions and click on it
  4. Select Enable Restrictions. It will ask you for a four digit “secret” code. If the code gets caught, you’re lost.
  5. From the list managing the restrictions we recommend to disable:
    • Safari because many apps use this browser to link with ads
    • Installing Apps
    • Deleting Apps
    • In-App Purchases
  6. In Restrictions go to Allowed Content and select Require Password Immediately for purchases.

I didn’t want to buy it. How to unwind the mistake?

After an accidental purchase, you can review your Purchase History in iTunes. Then go to Report a Problem and write the reason including full details for the claim. Apple will review the case with all the information provided to reimburse the money.

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