How to set parentals control on an iOS device

Without proper protection your son/daughter will soon find the way to uninstall Playtime Kid Crono (or download applications without you noticing). Apple devices allow you to enable restrictions to prevent your children from doing those kind of actions. Do you want to give your child the smartphone peacefully? Please see below the following steps: 

  1. Click on Settings and then on General  appleSettings
  2. Select Restrictions and Enable Restrictions.
  3. The mobile phone will request a 4 digit code needed to change or disable restrictions. 
  4. We recommend to disable the following permissions:
    • Installing apps: No
    • Deleting apps: No
    • In-App Purchases: No
  5. In Allowed Content, we recommend to adapt the content to your child’ age at least for the apps and websites:
    • As appropriate: 4+, 9+ o 12+ 
  6. In Passcode Lock, we recommend to always “turn passcode on” and to “Require Passcode: Immediately” to prevent unwanted downloads on iTunes.