You will find in this section tutorials that guide you configuring step by step with illustrations the important aspects of Kid Crono on your iPhone, iPad or iPod:


Here is also the video tutorial of the app:

How to set parentals control on an iOS device

Without proper protection your son/daughter will soon find the way to uninstall Playtime Kid Crono (or download applications without you noticing). Apple devices allow you to enable restrictions to prevent your children from doing those kind of actions. Do you want to give your child the smartphone peacefully? Please see below the following steps: 

  1. Click on Settings and then on General  appleSettings
  2. Select Restrictions and Enable Restrictions.
  3. The mobile phone will request a 4 digit code needed to change or disable restrictions. 
  4. We recommend to disable the following permissions:
    • Installing apps: No
    • Deleting apps: No
    • In-App Purchases: No
  5. In Allowed Content, we recommend to adapt the content to your child’ age at least for the apps and websites:
    • As appropriate: 4+, 9+ o 12+ 
  6. In Passcode Lock, we recommend to always “turn passcode on” and to “Require Passcode: Immediately” to prevent unwanted downloads on iTunes.

How to set Kid Crono notifications properly

Kid Crono uses notifications to let the child know his playtime has finished. In order to prevent the child from keep playing, it is important that Kid Crono notifications are shown as pop-up alerts. These are windows that appear on the mobile screen while the kid is playing. The window shows two options: Close (the window) and Stop (playing).


In order to set Kid Crono’s notifications please follow these steps:

  1. Click on Settings  appleSettings and then on Notifications.
  2. Select Kid Crono on the list of installed Apps.
  3. Enable the following configuration :
    • Allow notifications: Yes
    • Sounds: Yes
    • Show as Banners: Persistent

Get recommendations by age

Kid Crono offers recommendations for the playtime according to your child’s age. This makes it easier and faster to start the timer because the initial and maximum recommended times are set automatically. If you prefer to manage the time yourself, you can also disable the recommendations in the app Settings.

For recommendations to be adapted to your child you need to define his/her date of birth in his/her profile by following these steps: 

  1. Click on Kid Crono’s Settings tab  SP-settings
  2. Enter the PIN code
  3. Select ‘edit’ in the Profile section of the kid
  4. Choose your child profile on the list of existing profiles
  5. Make the appropriate changes and save them.

How to add another profile for my kid

Kid Crono creates automatically a different avatar when you set your child profile with the name, age and gender. Children under 8 years will respect more easily the time limit if they identify themselves with the avatar. So it is important to set the kid’s profile accordingly. In order to add a new profile you can modify the default profile or you can set a new profile following these steps:


  1. Click on Kid Crono’s Setting tab  SP-settings
  2. Enter your PIN code
  3. Select ‘add’ in the Profile section
  4. Update your child’s data:
    • Name: which will be shown on the pop-up notifications to stop playing
    • Gender: so your child’s avatar will be a boy or a girl accordingly
    • Birthdate: in order to get the appropriate time limits recommendations for his/her age. Birthdate also updates the physical avatar to make it look younger/older.
    • Screen dependence level: which updates the reward system parameters.
  5. Click on Save to keep the new profile
  6. Before setting the timer, simply swipe your finger across the screen in order to select the profile of one of your children